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Insolvency administrator sells automotive supplier Dr. Schneider to international investor

24.07.2023 | PDF
möller pr GmbH

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Kronach Neues. The continued existence of the automotive supplier “Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe” is assured: insolvency administrator Joachim Exner has sold the company’s operations to a strategic investor. All locations and all of the more than 4,800 jobs will be preserved.

The buyer is the Samvardhana Motherson Group, one of the world's largest automotive suppliers with more than 175,000 employees. Samvardhana Motherson will take over all seven Dr. Schneider locations in five countries (Germany, Spain, Poland, USA and China).

“The Samvardhana Motherson Group is the ideal partner for Dr. Schneider,” said Exner, who had fully continued the company’s operations since it filed for bankruptcy. “The investor gives Dr. Schneider access to an internationally successful group of companies, new markets and new know-how. Conversely, Samvardhana Motherson has gained a highly specialized and renowned manufacturer of high-quality components for his group.”

Exner added: “I am particularly pleased with the retention of all the jobs. The employees continued to work with admirable commitment throughout the insolvency proceedings and therefore, like the works council, played a major part in this success.”

The Dr. Schneider Group is a leading global specialist for automotive interior products – from ventilation systems to highly integrated interior components as well as sophisticated modules for dashboards and centre consoles. Dr. Schneider's customers include many of the world's leading automotive brands, including many premium German manufacturers.

The Dr. Schneider Group filed for insolvency at the beginning of September 2022. Together with the management, Exner succeeded in stabilizing the business operations and began to search for a strategic partner. At the same time, he prepared the company for an investor solution by means of targeted restructuring measures.

Kurzporträt Kanzlei Dr. Beck & Partner:

Die Kanzlei Dr. Beck & Partner GbR zählt mit 8 Insolvenzverwaltern und mehr als 170 Mitarbeitern an 8 Standorten in Bayern zu den führenden deutschen Insolvenzverwaltungs-Kanzleien. In den vergangenen Jahren hat die Kanzlei zahlreiche namhafte Unternehmensinsolvenzverfahren, darunter auch Konzerninsolvenzen mit internationalem Bezug, betreut. Joachim Exner verfügt über besondere Erfahrung insbesondere bei der Sanierung von mittelständischen Unternehmensgruppen, z.B. Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe, ONTEC, EISENMANN-Gruppe, Decon, Sonnplast, Scherer & Trier, Neumayer-Tekfor und BOA BKT-Gruppe. Exner ist Mitglied des Gravenbrucher Kreises, des Zusammenschlusses der führenden deutschen Sanierungsexperten und Insolvenzverwalter.
Weitere Informationen unter: www.ra-dr-beck.de

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